Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Update

I'm keeping busy. We're working hard and the work is really moving. It's spectacular to be a missionary, a literal representative of Jesus Christ. I love that I can say that. Some updates:

I am still in Surprise, AZ with Elder Sundles. We live in a missionary house with six other Elders. We have a baptism this weekend on the 30th, Jennifer Klinkhammer will be getting baptized. I cover two wards right now. They are the Cactus Lane and the White Tank Mountain Wards. I love my Heavenly Father!

I can't believe that my mission is 1/4 over....crazy. Thanks for the letters (and keep them coming :)

Some photos to enjoy.....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Week 13:

Hey FAM! I missed my email time so we're super late. Yesterday we moved into our new house that an anonymous member bought the mission. It's pretty nice. Our P-day is changing to MONDAY from now on, so I'll email again in like 3 days. haha

Ok, Christmas package!! My first one of two! I would say that I want stamps but I just bought like 30 something and I'll be good for a while. I don't know...what did Oliver ask for on his mission? I'm sure he has good insights. I would say a tie, but I have way too many and I am probably sending most home. Mine are nice and the other missionaries are always drooling.

Speaking of which. What was the information for that Click-n-ship thing so I can send stuff home?

Anyway I'm doing fine and really don't need much. I might have some ideas next week if that's ok. I still can't believe we're into December. The Christmas season is upon us.

MY MISSIONARY SCRIPTURE: Alma 26:12 love it. I hope it isn't too late. On a side note this one is good too. We all need to be like this: Alma 18:17

The dreams are cool! thanks for telling me those. You guys are in my dreams often. When I can remember them... :) I love you guys.

Are you guys receiving the photos I am sending? I won't go through uploading them and stuff if they don't seem to be going through.

Wow this Christmas season really is here! Last night the Relief Society put together a dinner party thing for the Relief Society, but we were in the church so we took part. haha. This brother, Brother Lund is one cool dude. He went to Iraq, lost his foot, had his body ripped apart and he is alive today. He looks fine until he takes his shoe off. He is pretty hilarious/cool, we're cool with him. He is a young guy with a young wife and he's becoming a dentist. Anyway, haha he played, on the piano, the First Noel by David Lunz I think. It was spectacular. I loved it. The beauty of this piece was... indescribable. Mom I would check it out. It's awesome.

Man it seems the work is going forward in Aquia Ward! Go Bishop! (and fam) it's good to know your not one of the cruddy bishops who doesn't help out. Those that make sure the work is being done, not only by the missionaries, but the MEMBERS, are the ones that rock.

Easton: Elder I will be trying to be like that comp of yours. I am a bit prideful, but I am really trying to continue on no matter what. It's a bit tough because my companion doesn't take what I say to heart, but I am trying to be humble and go with what he wants. I know I am learning to be humble and am grateful for that since I am supposed to learn that (as it says in my patriarchal blessing, I need to look out for pride ) we're working hard though. I will attach the picture of the baptism. (I hope I haven't sent that one.)

Yay! THE TEMPLE WAS PASSED! :) the Lords will! I heard about crazy protesters as well. But they stink and can't stop eternal ordinances from going forward. ;)

Annie and Spencer! What are you up to? Any cool activities happen recently? How's the weather there? and the cold? Please tell me when the snow hits (if it does)

Here it's pretty cool. Last night got low, like cold.

Man guys, I know you are just going to think that this is a missionary talking, but I want you to know this:

In this Christmas season, we have the opportunity to get presents and don't get me wrong, I love presents. I REALLY love presents, but it's so much better because it helps everyone to remember Christ. Christ suffered for our sins. He did, but he suffered for even more! While here, I came across a scripture : Mosiah 3:7-9

7 And lo, he shall asuffer btemptations, and pain of body, chunger, thirst, and fatigue, even more than man can dsuffer, except it be unto death; for behold, eblood cometh from every pore, so great shall be his fanguish for the wickedness and the abominations of his people.
8 And he shall be called aJesus bChrist, the cSon of God, the dFather of heaven and earth, the eCreator of all things from the beginning; and his fmother shall be called Mary.
9 And lo, he cometh unto his own, that asalvation might come unto the children of men even through bfaith on his name; and even after all this they shall consider him a man, and say that he hath a cdevil, and shall dscourge him, and shall ecrucify him.

He suffered for not only our sins, but our thirst, our hunger, and our pain! Think of every time that I/you got hurt/ broke a bone/ cried. He suffered for that, and everyone in our family, and 's center. ;) but they were alive.every person of the billions that have died/ live/ will live. He is literally "The Man" :) and I love him. I hope you more fully love him as you consider that. I hope I am not being preachy. I love this scripture, because it helps me to more fully appreciate him. I love ya'll. :)

I'll see ya...latah

-Elder Johnston

Ps The pictures are of the baptism (the comp missed the smile queue on that one), a dust storm coming in, and an Arizona sunset by the mountains that we live by. Those are the ones we went hiking in and stuff. OH! I saw a Gila Monster, and like 10 rattle snakes! the visitor's center. ;) but they were alive.


Dust Storm

Sunset over the Mountains

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Week 9: New Companion

:) Hey guys! I got a new companion today! His name is Elder Sundles. Good guy who is excited to work and I am too. Elder white is back in Jamaica! Crazy. Well man I got a re-boost with this new companion. I think we can get some real work done. Yeah so I'm loving these updates!
Tell me how the ward does with the challenge and tell them I double dare them to do it. I'll do it with what I have in the apartment, and I don't even have food storage!

The temple points are cool. I must say I like the security one the most. That just shows that the temple is above the world and the world cannot stop it or work against it!

Convert baptism!!! Cool! Hey send pictures of Elder Shadduck and please tell him I want his address!

THANKS FOR THE PICTURES!!!!! I love them, any and ALL are spectacular. Love y'all.

Hey I got the note pads today at transfer meeting. Thanks for that mom. :)

Would you mind forwarding Easton's letter to me? That would be awesome.

Well not much to say because I have been sick... but the investigators we have are progressing and my first baptism was on Sunday. I set most of it up which was pretty fun! It was a cool experience. It was a young man 9 yrs old. I'll send pictures next week. Well I love y'all and look forward to writing you again next week See ya!!

- Elder Johnston

Friday, October 9, 2009

Picture update from Dan Morris

This picture was emailed from Brother Dan Morris with the following message:

"I thought you would enjoy seeing your son at his first dinner at the mission home. This was on this his first day in the mission. He was very polite and a sharp missionary. I am a counselor to President Beck. My wife and I just spent a week in your area enjoying the weather, country and so much history"

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Week 4: First Full Week in Surprise, AZ

I'm in Surprise Arizona! I have been tracting and teaching all week. My Companion is Elder White, as you know, and he is from Jamaica. Yes he's a good guy and he was a Zone Leader. I am really grateful for him and the way he helps me progress. It's been fun but difficult as none are all too interested, but we have been able to place a bunch of Book of Mormons ;) and teach a lesson along with those but still none are too interested in learning more. Elder White said he has not placed as many Book of Mormons as he has with me in his whole mission. I liked that.

I love the missionary life. Some things are not what I the dedication is not as much as I would have hoped. Elder White is going home after this transfer so he's not as into the work as I would have hoped, but I am learning. Well it's been exciting. I have had some funny experiences though. Tracting, we have run into many people. Yesterday an Albanian lady who wanted "PROOF!" for the Book of Mormon and the PROOF! that Jesus visited the Americas. So that was fun. Another Guy was a Born again Christian. We asked if we could share what we believe, and he said "I already know what you believe! I have a DVD that tells me everything about you". We said we can let you know what we believe, and he just started rattling off stuff. Elder White did not appreciate him telling us what WE believed so he said goodbye sir and walked off. It was pretty funny.

I have free time today so I will be writing letters. Expect some in a while. Still no scorpions... :( but I'm looking out. One of the other missionaries has a pet one so I think I'll go look at that. I haven't been over there. I am the primary driver, I thought that was kind of funny because Elder White is 23.

Mom that's cool! You are doing missionary work! I now feel that I know a little bit. I wish I could have backed you up! Haha thanks for all the help with the camera! When it is sent, if it is First Class or Priority, that is when they can forward it to me. The place you sent that package (the mission office) is where all my stuff should be addressed.
My MTC District

First Cooked Meal

Cool Poster

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Entering the MTC

Pictures (and Captions) courtesy of Oliver Johnston......

Pierce rolling into the Missionary Training Center

Pierce and myself outside before he enters in...
for two years.

Just two handsome brothers

Him outside of the George Q. Cannon. This is where he will spend most of his next three weeks, in this building

Going, going....


Monday, August 31, 2009

Leaving VA for 2 years.....

Some Last Minute Packing

The Mission Wall....

Getting Ready

Ready to Go!

Arriving at the Airport

Last Picture with the Family for awhile....

Making sure all is in order

Going through Security

Goodbye Virginia!