Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Week 4: First Full Week in Surprise, AZ

I'm in Surprise Arizona! I have been tracting and teaching all week. My Companion is Elder White, as you know, and he is from Jamaica. Yes he's a good guy and he was a Zone Leader. I am really grateful for him and the way he helps me progress. It's been fun but difficult as none are all too interested, but we have been able to place a bunch of Book of Mormons ;) and teach a lesson along with those but still none are too interested in learning more. Elder White said he has not placed as many Book of Mormons as he has with me in his whole mission. I liked that.

I love the missionary life. Some things are not what I the dedication is not as much as I would have hoped. Elder White is going home after this transfer so he's not as into the work as I would have hoped, but I am learning. Well it's been exciting. I have had some funny experiences though. Tracting, we have run into many people. Yesterday an Albanian lady who wanted "PROOF!" for the Book of Mormon and the PROOF! that Jesus visited the Americas. So that was fun. Another Guy was a Born again Christian. We asked if we could share what we believe, and he said "I already know what you believe! I have a DVD that tells me everything about you". We said we can let you know what we believe, and he just started rattling off stuff. Elder White did not appreciate him telling us what WE believed so he said goodbye sir and walked off. It was pretty funny.

I have free time today so I will be writing letters. Expect some in a while. Still no scorpions... :( but I'm looking out. One of the other missionaries has a pet one so I think I'll go look at that. I haven't been over there. I am the primary driver, I thought that was kind of funny because Elder White is 23.

Mom that's cool! You are doing missionary work! I now feel that I know a little bit. I wish I could have backed you up! Haha thanks for all the help with the camera! When it is sent, if it is First Class or Priority, that is when they can forward it to me. The place you sent that package (the mission office) is where all my stuff should be addressed.
My MTC District

First Cooked Meal

Cool Poster


  1. Great pic of the MTC gang out in front of the Provo temple. The Helaman poster is cool, but my favorite of that series is Samual the Lamanite.

  2. Ok, this is a cool way to follow a missionary!

  3. Actually Garity this is the trend. I'm currently tracking 4 missionaries via blogspot and have one more that has invited me via facebook. Some family member just posts the weekly letters to the blog and whallah, everyone (who wants to be) is updated. Pretty cool.

  4. Elder Johnson is the best in our humble opinion.......The Georgia Ensign family!