Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Week 9: New Companion

:) Hey guys! I got a new companion today! His name is Elder Sundles. Good guy who is excited to work and I am too. Elder white is back in Jamaica! Crazy. Well man I got a re-boost with this new companion. I think we can get some real work done. Yeah so I'm loving these updates!
Tell me how the ward does with the challenge and tell them I double dare them to do it. I'll do it with what I have in the apartment, and I don't even have food storage!

The temple points are cool. I must say I like the security one the most. That just shows that the temple is above the world and the world cannot stop it or work against it!

Convert baptism!!! Cool! Hey send pictures of Elder Shadduck and please tell him I want his address!

THANKS FOR THE PICTURES!!!!! I love them, any and ALL are spectacular. Love y'all.

Hey I got the note pads today at transfer meeting. Thanks for that mom. :)

Would you mind forwarding Easton's letter to me? That would be awesome.

Well not much to say because I have been sick... but the investigators we have are progressing and my first baptism was on Sunday. I set most of it up which was pretty fun! It was a cool experience. It was a young man 9 yrs old. I'll send pictures next week. Well I love y'all and look forward to writing you again next week See ya!!

- Elder Johnston

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